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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Why Wakefield Should Be Named to the All Star Team


Yes, Tim Wakefield.

But his ERA is up over 4.00, and that crazy knuckleball?! Who’s gonna catch that?

Let’s start with his numbers.

On May 27, his ERA was 5.19 and over his last 7 starts, it has dropped to 3.72. He has gone at least 7 innings in each of his last 7 starts.

Here are the stats for those 7 games:

That’s a pretty impressive string of quality starts. His ERA over this time period is 1.98, again, pretty darned impressive.

I know it’s a long shot, but I think he should at least be named to the team. With 12 pitchers on the staff, it’s possible that he wouldn’t be called, but he still deserves this. His recent numbers support this, and just as important, he gets an A for All Star effort all year long, every year. Jason Varitek will be a late inning replacement at catcher. While he’s not Wake’s ‘personal catcher’, the two have worked together on the same team for years now. It wouldn’t be the first time Tek has caught Wake, and it would most likely be one inning of work or less. If Wake has another good performance in his next outing, which quite coincidentally will be in the same stadium as the mid-summer classic and could be considered a final tune-up, I say Tito should go with Wake as one of his picks.

A-Rod Gets Dumped by Wife for Lenny Kravitz

F-Word (aka Cynthia Rodriguez) has left A-Rod to be with Lenny Kravitz according to People magazine in the wake of his alleged philandering with Madonna. The NY Daily News contends that the A-Rod/F-Word marriage is over, while the singer's rep maintains that she is not divorcing her husband.

So where does that leave A-Rod? Looks like he's been scratched from the line-up. Not enough lumber to go around, Alex? (There's always Jeter.)

Maybe he should text Clemens* about that Viagara.

Pedroia Just a Single Away from Hitting for the Cycle

At Tampa Bay today, the Sox and Rays are in the 5th inning, Sox up 4-1. In the 1st inning, Pedroia hit a home run. In the 3rd inning he hit a triple. In the 5th inning he hit a double, making him 3 for 3, with 3 runs scored and 1 RBI. All he needs is a single to hit for the cycle!
C'mon, Dustin!

And if, make that when, he does it, it will be in decreasing order by number of bags (4, 3, 2, 1)

Kazmir appears not to have his best stuff today.
Here's hopin' he does it!!!
UPDATE: Pedroia did one better than the single he needed; he whacked a double in his last at bat. So far today he is 4 for 5, 3 runs, 2 RBI's.
Unfortunately, the Sox are now down 7-5 going into the bottom of the 8th.


Last Call to Vote for 2008 All Star Game

It's looking like the Sox will have 3 starters at this years All Star Game farewell to the House that Ruth built (and the one that the Steinbrenner's burned down.) Youk, Pedroia, and Manny, are all leading their respective positions in ballot totals updated as of Sunday, 29 June. Youk is up by about 260k votes over the Twins' Morneau, while Pedroia has a lead of about 185k votes over Kinsler of the Rangers. Manny is the leading vote-getter in the outfield, and has a slim 82k vote edge over Hamilton, also of the Rangers.

Due mostly in part to his torrid June, JD Drew has surpassed former Sox traitor Johnny Damon and is now in 6th place in the outfield ONLY 7,OOO VOTES BEHIND THE YANKEES' ABREU.


Voting ends at 11:59 PM ET on Wednesday, July 2, 2008.

Big Papi still maintains quite a lead over 2nd place Matsui for DH, but has fallen to 3rd place in the most-votes-overall category behind yankee caped crusaders A-Rod and Jeter, by about 36k votes, most likely because it had been becoming apparent that his injury would prevent him from playing in the game. You can still vote for Papi, and it sure would be nice to see the final tally with him on top of the two yanks.

The Sox should also be furthur represented with Mike Lowell and Jason Varitek both holding comfortable 2nd place positions over their nearest competitor's in 3rd place.

This puts 3 Sox starters and 3 Sox reserves in the last ASG ever to be held at Yankees Stadium.

But wait! There's more!


We'll take a look at likely pitching candidates after the voting is done.

Clemens'* Ex-Squeeze in Trouble...Again

Last month the NY Daily Times alleged that Roger Clemens* started an improper relationship with country singer Mindy McCready when he was 28 and married and she was a mere 15 years old.
She had been on probation for a 2004 drug charge when she was recently arrested for violating her parole by falsifying her community service records.

I'm wondering if the drug charge involved steroids, perhaps? For her voice?

This is her 2004 mug shot.


Have you voted yet?

If not, do it! Now!
Vote Varitek! Vote Youkilis! Vote Pedroia! Vote Papi!
Voting for the 2008 All Star Game ends on July 2, 11:59 pm.
You may vote up to 25 times.
As of June 23rd, Minnesota's Joe Mauer has overtaken Jason Varitek by 44,775 votes. At first base, Kevin Youkilis' edge over Mauer's teammate, Justin Morneau, is now less than 270,000 votes. At second base, Texas' Ian Kinsler made up more than 50,000 votes on Dustin Pedroia to come within 166,000 votes. And Derek Jeter zipped past David Ortiz to grab the lead in overall votes.
Jacoby Ellsbury! Vote for him in the write-in ballot!

Wouldn't it be SWEET to see 5 Sox starting at Yankee Stadium?!!!


"Red Sox Kid Nation" Captain is from Northern California

As reported in the Marin Independent Journal today:

Eleven-year-old Ben Brandeis of Mill Valley [CA] and the Red Sox Nation have officially been connected.
Brandeis won a contest and has been elected as a captain of the Red Sox Kid Nation following online voting that ended June 22. He was one of 25 finalists across the country and one of a dozen who were finally selected from 32,000 votes nationwide. The 12 winners will be invited to Fenway Park in Boston for an inaugural ceremony where they will meet Red Sox television analyst Jerry Remy, the "president" of the Red Sox Nation, tour the ballpark, get premium seats to an upcoming Red Sox game and Red Sox apparel and autographs, and receive a year's supply of ice cream from the sponsor of the first contest that attracted nearly 700 applicants from 29 states.
Of the 12 winners, Brandeis, whose parents grew up in Massachusetts, is the only one who lives outside the six-state New England region.

Ben also has a website: http://www.voteforben.org/

Monday, July 21, 2008

Starting in Center Field Tonight....

yahoo reports on the real names of pop stars. Madonna is Madonna Ciccone, Tiger Woods is Eldrick Woods, Larry the Cable Guy is Daniel Lawrence Whitney along with 17 others on their list. Number 5 on the list: Covelli (aka 'Coco') Crisp.

A-Rod did not make the list. I guess he's just not that big enough of a star.

O Brother, Where Art Thou

On the other team, that's where!
Last week, two former Red Sox teammates faced each other. Today the Drew brothers find themselves on opposing teams: JD for the Sox and Stephen for the D-backs. Stephen just flied out to his bro' in the first inning as the game delay is over and the game is on!

This just in~ Julio Lugo throws to 1st and does not make an error to end the top of the 1st.


Trip Around the Majors

Well, the Sox and Wake lost tonight, but they’re playing over .600 and have won 6 of their last 10 games and now are tied for the most wins by any team today with the Cubs. Okay, the Cubs have lost fewer games, but these are the only 2 teams playing over .600 ball right now. Tampa Bay is hot on the Sox’s heels only 1.5 out. But what’s this? The Yankees are in 3rd place? Appears they have finally awaken in 2008 and are 6 games over .500. Both Chicago teams lead they’re divisions. The Royals had been playing almost .500, but a 12 game losing streak last month sent them back to familiar territory~ the basement. Seattle very unexpectedly stumbled out of the gate this season, landed in the basement of their division, saw their skipper melt down in a press conference that had more bleeps than an urban gangsta rap show and then get canned, only to reward the new interim manager with a 10-2 shelacking of Atlanta. Chipper Jones has finally fallen below .400. He’s currently at .390, pretty respectable for late June. With Seattle taking up residence down south of their division, it gives hope to seeing Oakland going farther than anyone expected this year. They are currently 4 games behind the Angels. The Phillies lead the NL East, while the struggling Mets, who were expected to go far with the Santana acquisition are sitting exactly at .500. The Marlins give the state of Florida two teams both in 2nd place in their respective divisions. Last time I checked in with Pittsburgh, they were just a hair under .500, (as was KC), but they’ve held their own since. They are only 4 games under .500 and are in 4th place in the NL Central. Last year’s NL Pennant winners, the Rockies, are sitting tied for last place in the NL West. What a difference a year can make. What is more amazing is that it’s not the Giants they’re tied with in the basement, it’s the Padres. While the local Giants are no likely threat to win this division, they are in 3rd place, only 3 games behind the 2nd place Dodgers. The season is almost ½ way through folks. Only 1 team below .400 right now, this could make for some interesting races come September.

Bring Me Lugo's Head On A Platter

Lugo needs to go. Somewhere, anywhere. Are those Milwaukee Sausages still available for trade? Even if they were, the Brewer’s would probably be very unlikely to trade for another Sox cast-off after the Gagne debacle and the decline of Julian Tavarez, especially for a man with a shoe box for a glove.

The man just committed two throwing errors in one inning. He now is up to 16 errors this season and this is only game number 76. At this rate, he’s on track to reach 35 errors in one season.
Previous fielding stats (shortstop) for Lugo:
Year Team Games Innings Errors Pct.
2004 TBY 143 1238 25 .963
2005 TBY 156 1338 24 .968
2006 TBY 73 620 14 .957
2006* LAD 8 27 2 .857
2007 SOX 145 1228 19 .968
2008** SOX 63 526 14 .939

* Lugo played in 48 games with LAD at other positions.
** Does not include tonight’s game.

While Lugo does not appear to have a shot at setting a new record for most errors in one season by a shortstop in the modern era of baseball (1903, John Gochnaur of Cleveland, 98 biffs), he does have a realistic shot of breaking the record for most errors in one season by a shortstop in this century, currently held by Jose Valentin in 2000 with 36 biffs.
Now that he’s got his batting average out of the toilet, currently at .278, he’s gone and replaced his bat in the commode with his glove.

Getting back to the game, I see he (partially) atoned for his errors by hitting a solo shot to tie the game. But committing 2 errors in one inning can change the tempo and flow of the game in a heartbeat. The Sox have now fallen behind by 2 runs, not of Lugo’s (immediate) undoing, but I wonder how much the Sox were rattled by that inning. This won’t be the first game Lugo’s botched, nor will it be the last. I hope Theo is doing his homework and searching for a way out of this mess at shortstop. I say unload him, eat his contract and put Lowrie (2008: BA .310, Fld. Pct. 1.000 in 17 games) in at shortstop ASAP. If not, Lugo will cost the team more than he is being paid (which is more than he is worth.)

That's not just nasty, that's filthy

Portfolio.com reports today on food service violations at MLB ball parks.

Angel Stadium led the list with 732 violations, including a major vermin violation that closed down one of it's food stands last year, and a cockroach infestation as well. McAfee Coliseum in Oakland checked in with 493 violations, while ATnT Park in San Francisco reported 88 violations. Our friends in the Bronx? 45 violations at Yankee Stadium including evidence of mice and rats in at least 2 of the stadium's food areas. Fenway Park was not included in the survey.

Let's hope they get rid of ALL the rats at the new Yankee Stadium.

And if any Sox fans are headed to Anaheim~ pack a lunch.

Arroyo & Lowe: Where are they today?

No, this is not 2004 all over again, nor deja vu, but when was the last time two former Red Sox teammates squared off against each other for other teams?

The LA Dodgers visit Cincinnati today (4:10 PDT) and the probables are Derek Lowe (4-6, 4.03) for LA and Bronson Arroyo (4-5, 5.31) for the Reds.

I wasn't particularly happy to see either of them leave when they did, especially Arroyo who took a home town discount to stay. But if he had stayed, he wouldn't have ever hit those 2 home runs. Although Arroyo's line for this season doesn't look too good at first glance, check out the scouting report for today's match-up.

Scouting Report:

Dodgers: Lowe, moved up a day in the rotation after Brad Penny's assignment to the disabled list, pitched well enough to win in his Michigan homecoming, but lost instead. In his six defeats, the Dodgers have scored a total of seven runs. He allowed the Tigers two earned runs in seven innings, struck out five without a walk and made 121 pitches. His sinker has been sharp in five consecutive quality starts, but he has only two victories to show for it.

Reds: Arroyo had expressed disappointment over some of his recent outings, but he had no reason to complain about his latest. If Reds fans were looking for vintage Arroyo, they saw him in full color against the Cardinals. He pitched a smart game, limiting the Cardinals to two hits and no runs over the first six innings. He turned a 2-0 lead over the bullpen, which couldn't hold it. Still, Arroyo gave the Reds the kind of performance that befits a pitcher whom they've expected to be one of the anchors of their rotation.


Raising Red Sox Fans

This is the story of how I met Zachary, a 4 year old Red Sox fan.

When the Sox come to Oakland, I usually drive to a rapid transit station about 10 miles from the Oakland Coliseum, oops, excuse me, McAfee Coliseum and take the train the rest of the way. There are usually just as many, if not more, Sox fans on the train than A’s fans judging from the colors worn. Everyone is civil, no trash talking. A couple of stops after I get on, a young family gets on and takes a seat opposite me. We all have our Sox gear on. The little boy’s name is Zachary and for some strange reason, his favorite player is Johnny Demon. The parents have not been able to figure that one out yet, after all, he’s only 4 years old and who knows what’s going on in those little minds. I was about to find out. The parents said, “Hey Zach! The Red Sox….”
And then I chimed in, “and the yankees….”
Without skipping a beat, Zach yells, “SUCK!”
Aahh, out of the mouths of babes….

Well, not only did I not have the camera with me (I have a TEEnage daughter), I neglected to bring my cards with me. I told them to do a search for ‘Fenway West’, and you’ll find me there. Send me a photo of yourselves at the game, and maybe I’ll use it. Well, I haven’t heard from them, so I’m using a photo of another young Red Sox fan, most likely taken at a yankee game.


Red Sox Nation 'Governors'

Red Sox Nation is now soliciting for applications for ‘governors’ from each state of New England.

“RSN Governors will help promote the growth of Red Sox Nation within their home state while also providing Regular Rob and the Boston Red Sox with feedback on fan related issues throughout the entire season.”

Red Sox Nation spreads from coast to coast and overseas, as well. Why limit ‘governorship’ to the 6 states of New England when there are faithful fans 3000 miles away who could promote the growth of RSN and fulfill the mission of RSN in every locale where there are substantial numbers of Sox fans?

C’mon Jerry & Rob! Open this up to all 50 states! I’m in the 40 year club when it comes to fandom. I just happen to live that aforementioned 3k miles away. If RSN does open governorship to the rest of the nation, I for one may have a hat available for that ring.

The Masterson Dilemma

What *should* the Sox do with Masterson? Right now the rotation is as follows: Beckett, Wakefield, Lester, Colon, Masterson. When Dice-K returns, Masterson will obviously be the odd man out, unless Tito decides to go to a 6 man rotation, but there hasn't been any talk of that recently. That puts Bucholz and Masterson back in Pawtucket. And then there's the eventual return of Schilling. My money is on Colon getting traded, and either Bucholz or Masterson (whomever is posting the better numbers) moving back up. Theo made a brilliant move signing Colon and has quite the stable lined up, jic one of them gets hurt. Always a real possibility. The way Colon's pitching, he should be able to attract some quality talent in return for a player wherever needed by the Sox. Like shortstop for starters.

West Coast TV Schedule for June

Red Sox:

Weds 4th v. TBY, ESPN, 4:05 pm

Sat 7th v. SEA, FOX, 12:55 pm

Sat 14th v. CIN, FOX, 12:55 pm

Sun 15th v. CIN, TBS, 10:15 am

Mon 16th v. PHI, ESPN, 4:05 pm

Sat 21st v. STL, FOX, 12:55 pm

All times Pacific.

Now the schedule for my 2nd favorite team:

Mon 2nd MIN v. NYY, ESPN, 4:05 pm

Tues 10th OAK v. NYY, CSN, 7:05 pm

Weds 11th OAK v. NYY, KICU, 7:05 pm

Thurs 12th OAK v. NYY, KICU, 7:05 pm

Sat 28th NYM v. NYY, FOX, 12:55 pm

You guys aren't thinking that the yankees are my 2nd favorite team?!
My 2nd favorite team is whoever is playing against the yankees!

Other Bay Area games of note:

SFG v. OAK, June 27th, 28th, 29th (Fri, Sat, Sun)
Updates on times and stations later in the month.


Wake tosses only 50 pitches in first 5 innings

Although the Sox are currently on the short end of a 1-0 pitcher's duel, Tim Wakefield made it through 5 innings by throwing only 50 pitches. That's an average of 10 per inning in case any yankee fans are reading. I got curious and decided to find the record for fewest number of pitches thrown by one pitcher in a complete game. (Wake was still pitching into the 6th and finished it with a total of 62 pitches so far.)


The Mets Wuz Robbed!

Carlos Delgado of the NY Mets hit a home run with 2 on in the top of the 4th inning tonight at Yankee Stadium. The ball hit the foul pole and bounced into the stands. It was ruled a home run by 3rd base umpire Mike Reilly. Derek Jeter ran over to protest. After a very brief umpire's powwow in which you can see home umpire Bob Davidson say 'foul', Reilly's call, made about 90' feet closer than Davidson's, was overturned and ruled a foul ball.
Repeated viewings of the replays show the ball clearly hitting the left field pole and bouncing into foul territory. One angle of the replays shows the pole sitting about 2' inside fair territory! One wonders how many balls have hit that pole and now have a questionable result. That'll take some research, but for now, we'll have to take a small bit of solace in that Delgado hit a run scoring single on the next pitch.
TV viewers have the advantage of instant replay that umpires do not have. This play and ensuing questionable call will only keep the discussion continuing.
Mets lead 5-2 in the bottom of the 7th. Uh, make that 11-2. (grin)


I just clicked on the 'league leaders' link at redsox.com and see that Kevin Youkilis is in the top 4 in 8 of the 9 hitting categories that were displayed, including 1st in slugging percentage. His fielding percentage while playing 1st base and right field is 1.000.

As long as he doesn't wear himself out as the season goes on, this could be a bar setting season for him! Might as well pencil him in to start at 1st on July 15th!

Weird Season, cont.

A quick tour around the big leagues reveals Tampa Bay is in 1st place, while the hankees, Detroit, Seattle, Milwaukee, and Colorado are all in last place. Even after all of last year's fire sales, Oakland is hot on the heels of the Halos. Neither San Francisco, Kansas City or Pittsburgh are in last place. As a matter of fact, KC and Pit are collectively only 3 games below .500. While the Giants are 10 games under .500, they're still in 3rd place ahead of the Rockies and the Pads!
Back at home, Manny thinks he’s the greatest left fielder in Red Sox history. Wait, that's not weird, that's just Manny Being....

Lots of Ball on Tube This Weekend

Sat: Sox v. Brewers, 12:55 pm, FOX
Sun: Sox v. Brewers, 10:35 am, TBS
Sun: Mets v. hankees, 5:05 pm, ESPN

All times Pacific


Julian Tavarez, you stud, you

Julian Tavarez told Gordon Edes of the Boston Globe that if he wasn't going to be a pro ball player, he might've been interested in getting into the adult motion picture industry.
The way he's been pitching this year, he might need to look for another job soon. But can the AL relief pitcher swing lumber?
OK, moving right along to our next story....

Karl Ravech takes a shot at the Sox

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the curse of ESPN’s John Kruk that he cast on the yankees last September in Cleveland in a Baseball Tonight commercial. (Remember the flies?)
Well, Karl Ravech takes a shot this past week at Curt Schilling and his ankle surgery in 2004. In the commercial, Schilling empties some sand out of his sock. Ravech, eating fries, ‘accidentally’ drops a catsup packet which lands in the sock. “The ankle looked fine to me’, Ravech says.
I find it somewhat interesting that after the yankees get their turn at the ESPN marketing whipping post, they drag up an incident from almost 4 years ago to take a shot at the Sox. I can hear the phone call in my head that ol’ dumbass Hank could have made to ESPN demanding equal time. I mean, if the man has the cajones to threaten a member of the mob over a t-shirt…


More Thoughts

Tito has done an absolute fantastic job of getting adequate playing time for Crisp and Ellsbury. I didn’t think Ellsbury would hit .350 again, but he’s hitting well, nonetheless. Crisp is finally hitting above .300 where he’s been expected to hit since arriving in Beantown. Colon appears to be back on track resuming his career. With Timlin, Tavarez, and DelCarmen struggling somewhat this year, Theo will have bargaining chips to go along with looming tough trade decisions to be made.

Joe Morgan was... well, Joe Morgan. At least Jon Miller was there.

The Twins’ Delmon Young has quite the strong arm, but I doubt throwing bats at umpires will become standard training procedure.

Eric Gagne is 1-2, 6.89 for the Brewers and has been removed as their closer.

Thoughts on Tim Wakefield as Sox are Doubled Up (4-8) by Twins by 5th Inning

It can be frustrating to be a Sox fan on the west coast. Few games are on TV over the course of the season and local games are limited to one or two trips to Oakland a year. I was extremely excited to be able to watch one of my all time favorite pitchers, Tim Wakefield, play on TV today. Making the game more appealing were the facts that Wake just came off of arguably his best performance of the year and that he would be pitching indoors where he usually pitches well. First inning goes well for Wake, 3 up and 3 down on 16 pitches. Finally I get to see Wake on a good night!! Too soon did I get excited.

Although dejected about Wake getting knocked out early, I wasn’t worried about the hole the Sox fell into (0-5) going into the third inning as their offense is quite capable of taking care of a 5 run deficit with 7 innings remaining, or a 4 run deficit with 5 innings left. I’m not a big Tavarez basher. He’s about one of the most versatile pitchers in the league, and a bargain, taboot. But it’s not his day today, either. Nor that of Timlin. They can deal with a 2 run deficit in 3 innings (oops, 3 runs.) That is, as long as the bullpen cooperates. Now I wonder if there’s any 9th inning magick leftover from last week. Not today. (The day wasn’t a total loss, the yankees did not win today.)

I always liked Doug Mirabelli and was sorry to see him go the first time and was perplexed when they let him go the second time. Despite his low batting average, Mirabelli was good for the Sox. He had strong relationships with Wakefield as his personal catcher (is there a better defensive knuckleball catcher?), and also with team captain and first string catcher Jason Varitek. I wondered if this was a subtle hint from upper management to Wake that he’s getting close to the end of his tenure. Kevin Cash has proven to be capable as a knuckleball catcher, and is providing offensive support I always wished Dougie could have produced.

Wake has had quite a solid and satisfying career, but I always hope to see him have that one HUGE all-star season, or a no hitter. And I certainly hope that this is not his last season. Wake has always been a consummate baseball playing professional. One of the most selfless acts I’ve witnessed in baseball was the year he volunteered to pitch in relief in the playoffs late one game, which would have jeopardized his start the next day. Class act, that Mr. Wakefield.

yankee Fan charged with Murder after Running Down 2 Sox Fans with Her Car

A NY yankees fans was charged with murder yesterday after charging Sox fans with her car, killing one, and injuring another in Nashua, NH. Besides the reckless second degree murder charge, she was also charged with driving while intoxicated. Apparently not the brightest bulb on the holiday tree (not unlike most yankee fans), the thin-skinned Ivonne Hernandez, 43, goes into the heart of Red Sox Nation, gets drunk, and proclaims her allegiance to the evil empire. The ensuing fracas spilled out to the parking lot, where Hernandez exacted her revenge by aiming her car at a Sox fan, accelerating, and hitting him and one other. One died from massive head trauma, while another suffered minor injuries. Words fail me at this moment. I would never walk into a NY watering hole with a 'yankees suck' shirt on. Have a discussion, or even an argument with a yankees fan, but don't whack the bee hive with a stick! Sox fans aren't perfect, but this is about as low as one can go dragging your team's name into the mud.

Clemens* Apologizes for (some of) His Mistakes

Roger Clemens* apologizes for some of his mistakes in a Houston Chronicle story yesterday, but did not address the apology towards his alleged use of steroids. Also referenced in the story is the claim made by the New York Daily Times that Clemens* started an improper relationship with country singer Mindy McCready when she was 15 and he was a 28 year old, married, father of two.
Roger*, you're skating on thin ice as you head for certain induction to the baseball hall of shame (Bonds, Palmeiro, McGuire, Sosa, The Daily Iowan, et. al.)

Sean Casey calls himself safe

I didn't want to let this lighter moment go unforgotten! A little diamond humour from Sean Casey last week at NY to help take the sting out of today's heartbreaker.

Yankees go the healthy route in clubhouse?

Joe Girardi, in a desperate move to motivate his players and keep Hank off his back and his mouth shut, has banned candy and ice cream in the clubhouse, according to an LA Times story seen on yahoo today.
Uh, Joe? It’s going to take a little more than a token discipline gesture to get the Yankees back on track. While I commend Girardi for striving for a better diet for his players (don’t forget to put steroids on the sweet list), this action reeks of “I gotta do SOMEthing before ol’ dumbass opens up his trap to the media again!”
Better check those trainers to make sure they’re not smuggling in any Kit Kats! I guess Hank is not allowed in the clubhouse if Ding Dongs are on the list!
Speaking of health Joe, is that a cigarette in your hand?

Weird April So Far

Coco is hitting, Papi is not. ‘Manny Being Manny’ is now the ‘Man-Ram.’ Detroit is in the cellar, but Baltimore and Oakland lead their divisions. Venerable Mike Timlin’s ERA drops by 61 in one inning of work, Beckett’s ERA is over 6. Dougie is gone. Dumbass Hank threatens the mob, and there's more talk of 'curses'. And you can't forget the 16,000 mile road trip. Not all is weird, though. The Yankees blew a 7-1 lead over the Rays today, and are in last place. Ok, so eventually they still won the game, but they were in last place when the day started, and their magic number is now down to 148. Note to self- Yankees return to Fenway July 25th.

Kruk put a curse on the yanks

John Kruk was in a great commercial for ESPN's 'Baseball Tonight' during the Sox-Tribe game today.

In it, he's working the yankees-Indians game last September. He's walking on the field when he sees his lost briefcase sticking out of the dirt that he had lost, flies come streaming all about. "I guess I left an egg salad sandwhich in there", he's thinking as the scene cuts away to trainers and coaches and players spraying insect repellent all over the yankees. "Bad luck for the yankees", Kruk says.

Next time yankees are in town and Chamberlain is pitching, Wally the Green Monster should trade his Monster suit for a giant fly suit.



Heidi Game Revisited

Game time today clocked in at 2 hours and 49 minutes. I'm speculating that this was probably one of the shorter Sox-Yankees games in recent history. Add in the 2 hours and 11 minute rain delay, and now you have your typical game time. Watching the weather maps, listening to McCarver and Buck, waiting..... I went outside to work on the garden, but remained within earshot of the tube. Pap warms up once, twice. I'm thinking no way A-Rod will go yard as he did on Pap last year (thanks for all the reminders, Fox.) Finally the game is being resumed! I knew that NASCAR was on it's way after the game (or so I thought), but Fox cut off the game and went with the race! Whiskey, tango....? The game was over before you knew it, but only after switching to FSN for the last dozen or so pitches. Fox could have at least waited until the end of top half of the ninth before shooing us all off to another station.