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Sunday, March 29, 2009


I recently caught a CSI: NY rerun that was originally broadcast May 11, 2005. This episode would be of most interest to Red Sox and Yankee fans, as a Boston baseball fan clad in a red shirt was found murdered in his car after a ball game in NY. With only 1 exception, there were no references to the ’Red Sox’ or the ‘Yankees’, just Boston and New York, no ‘Major League Baseball’ or ‘MLB’, just pro baseball in general. It did not appear that the stadium scenes were filmed at Yankee Stadium. The exception was during an interview, the CSI mentioned that a foul ball off the bat of A-Rod would be a hot commodity.

The detectives and CSI’s conduct their investigation starting with the ticket stub in his wallet and the ‘regulation baseball’ in his possession. It turns out that the ticket was a freebie given to him by a local radio shock jock who then gave another ticket to the NY baseball fan (an ex-con, no less, but that’s not surprising) who was arguing with the Boston baseball fan on air. At the game, the NY fan was heckling the Boston fan and spitting Cracker Jacks at the back of his head, sometimes missing his mark. A scuffle finally ensued, after which the NY fan was ejected (that part did surprise me- they always throw out the Sox fan first.) A foul ball lands in the mitt of the Boston fan. Television replays show the heckler behind him, and then later, the Boston fan catching the foul ball. He then brazenly gives the male fan next to him a big ol’ smooch on the lips, which was replayed on the jumbo screen, much to the dismay of Mr. Macho who was on the receiving end of the smooch (and an aspiring major leaguer himself.)

After the game, the Boston fan was found dead, cause of death determined to be a ruptured spleen due to blunt force trauma, in this case, from a 94 mph fastball. A few hours later on the other side of town, a woman runs into the street seemingly from out of nowhere and gets hit by a truck. Her hair was found on the ball that was in the Boston fan’s post mortem possession. The CSI’s do their forensic DNA voodoo and determine that Mr. Macho (who was still quite PO’d) grabbed the ball from the Boston fan in the parking lot after the game and threw it at him with his 94 mph fastball, thus rupturing his spleen. Later back home with his GF who was sitting next to him at the game, which was how her hair ended up on the ball, he is still visibly upset over the raspberry back at the game. He explodes at his GF, scaring the snot out of her, and chasing her into the street.

I’m guessing that there must be a Sox writer on the staff of CSI: NY. And, I suppose, this story could also have taken place in Oakland after a Patriots-Raiders game.

I Had A Torn Miniscus

I had arthroscopic surgery on my knee for a torn miniscus. I was 37 years old and in relative good health at the time. I had torn it many years earlier during my water ski jumping days, ,but didn't realize it for quite some time. I had also torn the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in the same knee, but since I never made a living with my knees, I elected not to have that repaired, as the rest of the muscles had developed enough to compensate for the lack of that ligament. I didn't particularly relish the thought of having a cast on my leg for several months and being out of work for that long, as well. I wasn't in any pain, and my life was in no way being disrupted because if it.

The torn miniscus (cartilage) however, did prove to be quite bothersome at times. My knee would lock up, I would be in excrutiating pain for a few seconds (seemed like hours.) I would force my knee straight again, and would be fine until the next episode, usually several months apart. Because these lock-ups were so infrequent, I never did have the knee looked at for that problem. But in 2004, my knee locked up again, but this time it would not release. I literally thought I had died and gone to hell! This time I had to be taken to the ER, where I was shot with a heavy duty pain killer (thanks for not asking me if I had had anything to eat for lunch before shooting me up) and some sort of muscle relaxer. The knee finally released it's deathly grip on me, but not before I hurled my breakfast.

I scheduled the surgery so that I would be home for the play-offs and World Series (evil grin.) I was out of work for 6 weeks, but you musst remember, I never had the rehab facilities that the Sox have for their players. I'm sure that the Sox will take extra care and precautions to nurse Lugo's knee back to health. I'm sure that with their facilities that Lugo will be back in 4 weeks or less. I have had no problems with my knee since then.

Get well soon, Julio Lugo. (And no more 2 error innings!)

Note~ This post never appeared on Fenway West. I have video footage of the actual surgery, but could not figure out how to cout 2 minutes off of it in order to post it to youtube. I'm still working on that. When I do get the video posted, I will update this post.

Game On! Red Sox Top Yanks in GFL

Mikey and Papi silenced the critics today as they both went yard in a 7 run 2nd inning, sending Yankee ace Wang to the showers early. Wakefield had a rough 2+ innings, but the bullpen was excellent for the remaining innings, allowing 4 hits and 3 walks while registering 9 strikeouts. Julio Lugo, who has been having an great spring training hitting .450 so far, left with a knee injury in the first inning.

SOX 8 Yankees 4 BOX SCORE

SOX Analyst

While not in need of employment at this time, I still do peruse the job boards on occasion and just today found this position posted on craigslist:

SOX Analyst (novato)
Reply to: gwright@ffic.com
Date: 2009-02-26, 4:55PM PST

At Fireman's Fund, you're building a challenging career at the same time as bringing a sense of stability to people's lives. You're also contributing to our success and our reputation as a leader in the field with your skills and expertise. For this you are appreciated, acknowledged, and rewarded. We believe that if you hold on to great people, everyone wins. Just more proof that a career with Fireman's Fund, isn't just a good idea. It's a smart move.

• Develop documentation and guidance for Risk Management and Compliance
projects (Solvency II, SOX, and internal control improvement projects)
• Monitor compliance with the Risk Management and Compliance policies and
• Coordinate Compliance projects within assigned departments/divisions
• Assist business partners in identifying, documenting and optimizing their
system of internal control
• Identify internal control issues and develop recommendations
• Quality Assurance of Risk Management and Compliance documentation
• Develop education and training
• Track, report and facilitate remediation of control deficiencies
• Coordinate and manage Internal and External Audit’s testing of controls,
training and customer service
• Have an advanced understanding of various lines of business, assigned
assessment units
• Build and manage relationships with process, control owners and
management and track changes in the processes and risks
• Develop and maintain risk management and insurance expertise through
continuing education within financial reporting and risk management field Work
Experience Required:
• 3+ years of professional experience in risk management, audit,
accounting, financial reporting, finance, IT or other related fields Preferred:
• Insurance Experience
• Public Accounting / Big 4 experience preferred
• Certification such as CPA, CIA, FRM, MBA, CISA or other applicable
• Risk management or actuarial background a plus Core Competencies
• Advanced understanding of risk and controls, including the ability to
identify risks and evaluate the design and operational effectiveness of controls
• Strong written and verbal communication skills and proven presentation
skills, including the ability to communicate messages
• Ability to influence work of others and work with all levels of
• Proven project management and time management skills, including
coordination of resources and timelines and the ability to prioritize,
coordinate and complete multiple projects of varying sizes
• Expert knowledge of Word, Excel; sound knowledge of Visio strong plus
• Problem solving, negotiation skills and decision making skills
• Demonstrate complete ownership of assigned projects from start to a
positive completion, willingness and ability to take initiative and operate with
appropriate sense of urgency
• Ability to work independently as well as part of a team
• Comfortable working in a flexible environment where priorities frequently
change, flexibility to work hours as necessary to meet deadlines

Compensation: Negotiable
Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster.
Please, no phone calls about this job!
Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial
PostingID: 1052124359

Despite currently not needing employment, I decided to apply for the position anyhow. How could one turn down an opportunity to become a SOX analyst?! This is what I wrote in response:

Dear G Wright,

I am very interested in becoming a SOX analyst for FFIC.

I live here in Novato, so getting to FFIC would be no problem. I have been a SOX fan ever since 1967, the Impossible Dream year, when they won the American League pennant, and have been following them ever since. I am currently writing for a Red Sox blog out of Sebastopol called Fenway West (I go by the name of 'Red Sox Sonoma.') This blog is the #1 West Coast blog for Red Sox fans and averages well over 100 hits/day, and has had as many as 4300 hits in one day. You can see my work there, or at my archives of just my posts at my Red Sox Sonoma blog.

I also have extensive accounting and management experience, as well as experience with MS Word, Excel, and Outlook. Being a SOX fan has always had it's risks, which I have managed well over the years. I have analyzed the Big 4 of the AL East (Boston, New York, Tampa Bay, and Toronto) and can account for all proficiencies and deficiencies in those arenas. I have a thourough understanding of Jamesian statistics and sabermetrics, including ERA, ERA+, WHIP, AB/RSP, BABIP, GIDP, OBP, and OPS, as well as the Runs Created, Range Factor, Defensive Efficiency Rating, Pythagorean Winning Percentage, Major League Equivalency, Secondary Average, Power/Speed Number statistics categories.

I feel I am the most qualified SOX analyst that FFIC could find in Novato or the SF Bay area. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kindest Regards,

Red Sox Sonoma

Think I'll get the job?

Dustin & Derek Sittin' in a Tree....

These guys at the WBC are having just way too much fun! And it looks like Dustin Pedroia is getting the best of Mr. Jeter. First off, Jeter has quite an interesting array of infield teammates around him: Youk & Pedroia to his left on the diamond, and to his right at 3rd base, he has David Wright of the Mets.

Anthony McCaron of the NY Times reports that Pedroia ripped a Jeter deodorant ad out of a magazine and taped it to his locker in Toronto at the WBC. In the ad, the Yankee captain is depicted keeping cool despite being in a hostile environment- outside [of] Fenway.

"That was pretty funny," Jeter said, laughing. "He's pretty fun to be around....It's all in good fun and I enjoy it."

Chipper Jones added:

"They go at it constantly. It's fun when Yankees and Red Sox go at each other, because you know they're going to hate each other in a month."

On top of that, Pedroia, who is now blogging for WEEI, (thanks to Bottom Line Rob for pointing that out to me), says Jeter can't do push ups. During batting practice, some team USA players played a game. According to Pedroia:

So this is how the game went during Monday’s workout: Each of us taking batting practice can’t hit a ball foul or it will cost five push-ups. Then if we hit a ball we think is going out you have to call it, but if it doesn’t go out then that will cost you five push-ups. I end up hitting a couple of line-drives that hit the top of the fence that I thought were gone. So I did my push-ups … real push-ups. Derek Jeter? Well, he didn’t really go down all the way. I’m not a trainer or anything, but those weren’t push-ups.

Or as 'Ah-nold' the governator of CA might say, 'girly-man' push-ups?

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RedSox100.com is a web site that lists any Red Sox related fan site or blog and ranks them according to average number of hits. Several months ago, web sites with absolutely no Red Sox content started showing up there. At the time, my Red Sox Sonoma blog was not listed with this site. I only knew of this site because Fenway West is usually ranked in the top 10. When these foreign sites started showing up, I listed this blog there in order to try and find an e-mail address to alert the web master of these listings. They were removed, and all was good again.

Then the foreign sites started showing up. And showing up. And showing up. I wrote to the web master again, and received a response saying that he was very busy and would take care of it when he got a round toit. Two months passed and even more foreign sites became listed. The top Red Sox site is now ranked somewhere in the mid-20's, Fenway West is down in the 50's. I sent an e-mail to the owners of the top Red Sox sites asking them to write to the web master of RedSox100.com, and still there has been no action by the owners of the site.

I really like the idea of a site that ranks top Red Sox fan sites and blogs. It saddens me that this one has become totally useless. I hope there is another one out there. If not, I may just have to do something about that situation.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Where Are They Now: Dave Roberts

Every real Red Sox fan knows who Dave Roberts is. Just the mere mention of his name makes a Sox fan giddy with glee.

Roberts spent 2 seasons with the Padres, hitting .293 and stealing 49 bases in 2006. He then signed a lucrative 3 year contract with the Giants, but only managed to play in 166 games for them in two years. Sadly for Roberts, in the Giants pursuit of youth, he was released yesterday in a move that may cost the them over 6 million.

While this move may cost the Giant's some long scratch, it does give Roberts time to hook up with another team. However, should this not come to pass, this scribe thinks it would be a most befitting honor were Theo to sign Roberts to a 1 day contract. It has been suggested that Theo is not a GM prone to give out such deals, but this is Dave Roberts we're talking about! His name will live on in Red Sox history forever, with or without such a contract. He changed the course of Red Sox history. If he decides to hang up his cleats, his last game without a doubt should be in a Red Sox uniform. Give him one more chance, one last chance to steal one last base. Against the Yankees.

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Rolling Green Monster Update

Rocky Rhodes & his 'Rolling Green Monster' (RGM) have arrived in California. He's been travelling XC in his rolling monument to the Red Sox, while raising awareness for The Jimmy Fund and cancer research. He's currently in San Jose and will be visiting San Francisco Thursday, albeit without the RGM. Current plans have him returning to The City on Friday or Saturday in the RGM for a visit to CT Yankee Sports Bar & Grill at 17th & Connecticut. I will see him tomorrow and will update here with more details of his Northern CA itinerary.

Previously posted on Fenway West.

Red Sox Sonoma

Introduction time, folks! Entering my second season writing for Fenway West, I thought I'd introduce myself, and give you a little background into my Red Sox history. Last year I discovered Sawxheads.com, a social networking site for Red Sox fans, not unlike myspace, except that it's devoted totally to all affairs Red Sox. Someone there questioned my fandom? fanhood? so in response, I wrote my Red Sox bio, as it were. I've already written about my father and his baseball history, so here goes my story as we find ourselves about to start a new season!

My name is Dave, & I am a Red Sox fanatic.

Can I remember the starting line-up of the ’79 Sox? No. The ’98 Sox? No. I don’t have the Green Monster painted on the wall in my living room, and I don’t have any Yankee TP (but I’d like to.) It’s been years since I’ve been to a game at Fenway Park. I can count the number of games I’ve been to there on one hand. (I have managed to go on a tour of the park since my last game.)

I do remember, however, the sofa I was sitting on at the summer house as I watched in horror as Tony C. got beaned 41 years ago. Eight years later, I was sitting on the same sofa watching Fisk wave the ball fair. In 1978, I was driving up the Florida Turnpike listening to the radio when Bucky Fn Dent….

I found myself in a bar in Death Valley National Park in 1986, when Buckner…

I got so unbelievably shit faced that night after the game that I couldn’t get out of bed for the next three days. Not even to puke.

Could anyone ever forget the R-O-G-E-R chant in October of '99? I remember the look on Wake’s face after Boone hit his shot in ’03. The following October, I was home from work for 6 weeks after knee surgery, watching the whole post-season. That’s why I planned the surgery for mid-October! How about the pair of 17-1 games against the Yanks? And then of course there were the 4 back-to-back-to-back-to-back home runs against the Yankees in 2007. I can still hear Jon Miller: "And that one's headed for New Hampshire!!!"

There were several years I didn’t pay much attention to the Sox and baseball. For many years I had been actively involved in competition water skiing at the amateur and intercollegiate levels, thus tying up all my summers during that time span. I also spent three summers in Sequoia and King’s Canyon National Parks, where there was no TV or radio. We considered ourselves lucky if we saw a 3 day old newspaper maybe twice a week. However, the box scores, recaps, and standings were read in every newspaper I ever did get my hands on in all those years.

Somewhere around 1966 or 1967, this dorky, unathletic, 8 or 9 year old kid growing up about 50 miles south of Fenway, tried to emulate his older brother who was playing Little League and high school ball. I picked up a bat and a glove, and played sandlot ball with the other neighborhood kids. I usually played right field as most of the hits went to left, and I usually was at the bottom of the order. The Sox had gone from worst in ’66 to first in ’67 and there was a baseball buzz in New England that hadn’t been felt in years, although I didn’t know it at the time. I remember sometime in the late ‘60’s laying on the aforementioned sofa not feeling too well watching the Sox win and then feeling better. Of course I attributed feeling better to the Sox winning and not to whatever medicine my mom might have given me. I was hooked. 40 years later, I’m still here, I’m still a Red Sox fan.

Yaz, Tony C., Reggie Smith, Joe Foy, Rico Petrocelli, Mike Andrews, George Scott, Jim Lonborg, and damn if I can’t remember the catcher’s name!* No, I did not look those names up. Flashy Hawk Harrelson came in to replace Tony C. Do you remember that rocket that Jose Tartabull fired into home from right field and got the runner out? I still have my old copy of "The Impossible Dream" vinyl LP.

Thanks again to Matt O’Donnell, owner of the FenwayWest.com blog for inviting me to be a contributor to his blog. I had been active in on-line music discussion groups, and started a small Red Sox group for Sox fans in the Sonoma (CA) area. Matt saw my writings in that forum and liked what I wrote. I’m home a lot these days and writing about the Sox has been very enjoyable and therapeutic during this uncertain time of change, as well as rewarding in its own right.

The Sox won’t win every World Series in 4 games, they won’t win every World Series, nor the pennant, not even their division. (Same goes for the Yankees. Get used to it, Evil Empire.) Who knows, we may even see Pittsburgh and Kansas City squaring off in the Series someday!

Someday the Sox may lose 90 games in a season, or experience the turmoil the Yankees are experiencing right now. Hopefully this will not happen in my lifetime, but if it does, I’ll still be a Red Sox fanatic.

*Russ Gibson (RIP) & Elston Howard
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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Where Are They Today: Bobby Kielty

Bobby Kielty cemented his place in Red Sox history on October 28, 2007, when in his last major league at-bat, he hit a home run to help the Sox sweep the Rockies in the World Series that year.

Th NY Daily News reports that after a miserable 2008 in which he was plagued by injuries, he "has opened eyes" in the Mets camp so far this spring.

I liked Bobby Kielty and wish him well with the Mets in 2009.

Yes, that is Bobby Kielty, and no, that is not a wig!