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Friday, June 18, 2010

42- the answer to everything

42 pitches combined total for the 3 LA Dodger pitchers is the answer to "How many pitches did the LA Dodger pitchers (Monasterios, Trancoso, Schlichting) throw in the bottom of the 5th inning in today's game?"

This is how the Red Sox bottom of the 5th went:
Pedroia- Single
Ortiz- Walk
Youkilis- Double
McDonald- Single, stolen base
Beltre- Home Run
Nava- Hit by Pitch
Scutaro- Force Out
Pedroia- Sacrifice Fly
Ortiz- Intentional Walk
Youkilis- Strike Out

All that on 42 pitches plated 7 of the hometown boys in one inning.

The Red Sox jumped out to a 3-0 lead in the 1st inning on home runs by Ortiz and Drew. The Dodgers tied it up in the 3rd inning. When the bottom of the 5th came around, three Dodger pitchers got thrown into the barrel by the Red Sox offensive display. (I had to resist the urge to call it a laser show. Doh! I said it!) The Sox got deep into the Dodger bullpen in the first game of this series forcing them to use 4 relievers who tossed a total of 69 pitches.

Felix Doubront made his MLB debut today. He made it through 5 innings allowing only 1 earned run, 3 runs total. Not bad for your debut in the bigs, especially against a divisional leader. Unfortunately he allowed 2 more earned runs in the top of the 6th when the nuts on his wheels started to loosen. Tito called for Atchison before any more damage could be done in that inning. He went 3 full, striking out 5, no walks, no hits. Dustin Richardson came in to pitch the top of the 9th with a Sox 10-5 lead, and promptly served up a home run ball to Garrett Anderson. He managed to get 1 out before leaving the game with 2 more base runners poised for a comeback with Ethier and Martinez not far off. Daniel Bard would have none of that. He promptly disposed of Russel Martin on a force out ground ball by Ethier, and then caught Manny looking on an 87 mph slider after 4 pitches 99 mph or better.

OK, so was Manny booed or cheered? Both says RedSox.com. Manny had 1 hit in the game, a single, and struck out twice, the last one looking. Payback for 2008? Does Manny even give a sh.. I mean, does Manny even care? You decide.

Red Sox 10 Dodgers 6 BOX SCORE

Fenway West 06.18.10

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