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Monday, February 21, 2011

'Best Red Sox Blog Award'

The 'Best Red Sox Blog Award' goes to Jared Carrabis and Sox Space for the 2nd year in a row and also won the 'Best New England Sports Blog' as well. The Awards were presented by Comcast SportsNet New England. Carrabis is the Massachusetts Governor of Red Sox Nation. Rafe Anderson of TruFan put the awards night together which was held at Remy's.

Being 3k miles away from the mother ship, I don't think I or Matt or any of us at Fenway West saw this nomination coming. We are honored to have been nominated for 'Best Red Sox Blog,' and mentioned in the same breath as other noteworthy and esteemed Red Sox blogs such as Sox Space, Surviving Grady, and Sox & Dawgs.

Many thanks go to all our readers, too! Thank you all very much for coming back. I can't really say where Fenway West fits in the grand scheme of all things Red Sox, but for me personally, this is strong motivation to continue to write intelligent posts whether they are human interest stories that may fly under the radar elsewhere (or above), Horatian satire, or the daily line-ups and box scores.

I would also like to thank Alex Rodriguez and Hank Steinbrenner for providing Red Sox pundits from the major media all the way down to the last blog with an endless supply of fodder. Gotta give credit where it’s due, eh Hank?

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