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Monday, May 16, 2011

Carl Crawford has arrived

With his 2nd walk-off hit this week, Carl Crawford has removed the monkey from his back. He started the season with a horrendous .155/.204/.227/.431 line for the month of April. In the 1st 10 games in the month of May, his line reads .361/.378/.500/.878, quite the difference. 

As for the rest of the crew, McDonald, Varitek, and Cameron are all on the interstate, while Salty and Crawford have both risen above the Mendoza Line. Scutaro and Drew both have BAs in the low .200's. Pedroia is in a rare slump dragging his BA down to .237. Youk started slow, but has since risen his BA to .250. That leaves Lowrie, Gonzalez, Ellsbury and Ortiz all with very satisfactory numbers so far.

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