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Monday, July 25, 2011

No, this can't be! No way! PITTSBURGH?!

I went to take a look at the MLB standings and had to clean the screen after the spittake when I saw this:


I had to check the calendar, yes this is July, not January 19th, there were no white lines around me when I woke up, and my name wasn't in the obituaries. I am not making this up! Click on the graphic and it will bring you to MLB.com Standings for July 19, 2011.

Wow. The 1st ball game I ever went to was at old Forbes Field, so I've had a soft spot for the Pirates ever since. Them and the Giants, too. That makes both of my favorite NL teams in 1st place, and of course my favorite AL and MLB team is in 1st place.

But Pittsburgh? Really?!


Anonymous said...

Crazy, right? I've been half paying attention to Pittsburg due to a coworker's ramblings. I still highly doubt they'll go all the way, but they're on a neat rally.

Wenq said...

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