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Monday, November 7, 2011

Box Scores From The Past 2011-2012

"Box Scores From The Past" will be returning soon this off season. Due to equal parts shock, protesting Wall Street, old age, therapy, and conditioning; yeah, that's it- conditioning; I was totally unprepared to resume posting BSFTP this early. Be watching starting around the 1st Monday of November. If there is a particular game that you would like to have highlighted in BSFTP, even if you don't have the exact date, let me know in the comments of this post, and I will research and post it for you.

Besides BSFTP, I'll be writing book reviews, my take on Tito and the 2011 season, the 2nd Annual Benefit for The Jimmy Fund review, and my interview with Ed Achorn, author of "59 in '84" (all w-a-y overdue, yes, I know.)

In the meantime, I'm posting for your amusement a jpeg that I found while working on another project.

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