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Monday, December 12, 2011

Bobby Valentine: "I hate the Yankees."

I didn't know a whole lot about Bobby V., so when I read on ESPN that he said, "I hate the Yankees," I thought that he's going to be media darling, but can he manage? So I checked in with a long-time Mets fan friend of mine, and this is what he had to say about Bobby V.:

I am not a Bobby Valentine fan.  He came up short with the under achieving Mets of the late 90s.  He has too big an ego, loves the spotlight as much as winning.  He knows the game well, but comes across as an entitled stuck up asshOle whose feces has no foul odor.  He was once a top prospect out of southern california who was ushered to the MLB with silver spoon as a future superstar, only to never achieve potential as a player.  He was a brat as a youngster, and now he is a 60 year old brat.  Expect some major ups and downs with Bobby V at the helm, and a rocky road in Boston.  

Hmmm... Not a rosy outlook from my friend Stew, but I'm not passing any judgement on him just yet. Remember, Tito didn't have a sparkling managerial track record before he came to Boston.

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