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Monday, December 24, 2012

Helping David

So I've been living on a disability check (about 60% of my former meager paycheck) for over 4 years now. I've downsized, culled, sold, given away. I no longer have a storage unit. Everything I own fits into this one bedroom apartment. I used to buy a dozen fresh bagels a week, with cream cheese. I switched to store bought bagels and butter. Now it's sliced wheat bread. I don't go to movies, I have no premium cable packages. I haven't paid for any organic meds in over a year. If you see me at a show, trust me, I did not pay to get in. I rarely drink alcohol anymore. It's cold in this apartment in the winter, and I am bundled up. The heat rarely gets turned on. Some weeks I only start my van up once for a trip into town. I shop at Grocery Outlet. Next I'll be going to Redwood Empire Food Bank.

I have very little left to sell. I peruse on-line selling emporiums to check on the demand for similar items to what I own, and there are very few bids, if any, on them. I have no savings left. I've applied for jobs, I've worked for neighbors a bit here, a bit there. My father used to kick down for me once in a while, but he has little left to give now.

I was without health coverage for 2.5 years before my MediCare finally kicked in, only to find out that it doesn't cover everything. I have been living as frugally as I can, and look for more ways to cut expenses, yet I find myself in over $3000 of debt. Medical bills mostly, but I am also late on my rent payment each month and am behind in my PGnE bill as well. I also need new glasses as my vision is deteriorating and it's difficult to read this screen most of the time, and we all know how much glasses cost.

One of my bands, the Cancer Sucks Band is a not-for-profit organization that only performs at fundraisers  for the Jimmy Fund, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and American Cancer Society.

I see organizations and web sites such as Sweet Relief, but I do not meet their qualifications. With dwindling options and resources, I turn to my community of friends, musicians and baseball associates. If you can spare anything- $10, $5 or even $1, please click on this button which leads to my PayPal account which I created when I started selling my 'stough' on eBay. Anyone who donates at least $10 will receive a CD of live recordings on which I play drums or congas. I have played with some very notable Bay Area and nationally known players. I will be grateful to the end of my days.

Thank you for reading this.

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