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Friday, April 19, 2013

Ray of light in the darkness

In these new times of terror and vigilance we live in, it is always like a ray of light in the darkness when we hear and read accounts of heroic deeds such as Bostonians running towards the Marathon explosions rather than away from to help casualties, or Marathon runners continuing running two miles past the finish line to the nearest hospital to donate blood.

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert gave major props to the city and people of Boston on their shows this week.

I was not expecting to see a reference to the Red Sox in Colbert's piece, but when it comes to violence and Boston sports, I could not help but be reminded of the Red Sox- Yankees rivalry and the violence it has spawned. in the past I have called for more peaceful relations between fans of the two times. If Youkilis and Chamberlain can play together on the same team, why certainly we fans can be civil, too. And so I found it heartening to see these memes pass by on my Facebook news feed this week:

Props to the Yankees and their fans and their concern for the people of Boston. Prayers and kind thoughts go out to blast casualties and survivors, their friends and families, and for all in the Boston/Watertown areas who are in a state of lock down until the loser is aprehended.


Sonoma Dave said...

I've been a die hard Red Sox fan since at least 1967. My father is a Yankees fan, and I was in 3 bands with a Yankee fan. He remains one of my best friends despite not being in one with him at present.

Sonoma Dave said...

If I can do it...