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Friday, December 26, 2008

Narragansett Beer

My Uncle Mickey used to own a 'packy' in RI. That's a package store, or a liquor store, for those of you not from the Red Sox country. Since I've been in CA for twenty + years, I haven't had opportunities to drink it. I'm under the impression that they went out of business, too. Just as there are no two beers alike, so are there no two beer drinkers alike. I am happy to report that I've never suffered any gastrointestinal difficulties after imbibing the RI brew. After reading the preceding post about Narry', I found this gem of a poster from 1967, and a couple of TV ads, as well. I also happen to have this 100 + yo Narragansett Brewery bottle opener for sale.
Serious inquiries only.

Narragansett Ad

Vintage narragansett beer ad

1 comment:

stevecooks said...

Hey. I see this post is from over 4 years ago. You probably have heard, but Narragansett Beer is back. It's doing fairly well in New England.

Go Sox!