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Sunday, March 29, 2009


RedSox100.com is a web site that lists any Red Sox related fan site or blog and ranks them according to average number of hits. Several months ago, web sites with absolutely no Red Sox content started showing up there. At the time, my Red Sox Sonoma blog was not listed with this site. I only knew of this site because Fenway West is usually ranked in the top 10. When these foreign sites started showing up, I listed this blog there in order to try and find an e-mail address to alert the web master of these listings. They were removed, and all was good again.

Then the foreign sites started showing up. And showing up. And showing up. I wrote to the web master again, and received a response saying that he was very busy and would take care of it when he got a round toit. Two months passed and even more foreign sites became listed. The top Red Sox site is now ranked somewhere in the mid-20's, Fenway West is down in the 50's. I sent an e-mail to the owners of the top Red Sox sites asking them to write to the web master of RedSox100.com, and still there has been no action by the owners of the site.

I really like the idea of a site that ranks top Red Sox fan sites and blogs. It saddens me that this one has become totally useless. I hope there is another one out there. If not, I may just have to do something about that situation.

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red sox man said...

The site has been fixed and patched, there have been no issues in a few months. I also upgraded the bandwidth to accommodate everyone. Thanks for the concern.