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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

WTF is goin' on with the Sox these days?

Just last night it appeared that all was well with the Sox. They had just swept Toronto, and bounced back from a 20-11 ass whoopin' from the Yanks last night with a thoroughly convincing 14-1 woodshed session. But Commander Kick Ass Beckett is looking more like Gilligan these days as the Yanks launched 5 long balls off of him tonight. Yet he somehow outlasted Sabathia, in number of innings that is, as Sabathia was pulled after 6.2 IP and 118 pitches, while Beckett finished 8 IP and threw 120 pitches. He scattered 9 hits, but since 5 of them left the yard, that left the Sox on the short end of a 8-4 evening. It started off ominously, as Jeter put one out with the very first pitch of the game. The Yanks scored in each of the first 5 frames when it finally looked like Beckett was settling into a groove, tossing a scoreless 6th and 7th innings, sitting 8 Yankees down in a row. The Sox were only down by 3 at that point, and that means nothing in a Red Sox-Yankees game, but a 3 run deficit became a 4 run deficit in the 8th when Matsui hit his 2nd HR of the night.

The 5 HR's allowed by Beckett in one game is a new low for him. In his last 2 starts/13.1 IP, he's allowed 15 ER's; and in his last 3 starts he's allowed 10 HR's. He denied that working with new catcher Martinez for the 1st time had anything to do with his previous loss, Varitek was catching again tonight. So what is wrong with Beckett and the Sox these days? They had better figure all this out and fast, too. September is right around the corner.

Sox Lose 4-8 BOX SCORE

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