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Friday, November 27, 2009

Should the Sox pick up 'Tek's option?

I read that the Sox will not pick it up for 2010. I say they should pick it up. 'Tek has been with the Sox for his entire career, since '97, and has been the Captain since 2004. If 'Tek is not ready for retirement, then the Sox should do the right thing and keep him for one more year. The $2 million difference between the Sox option and 'Tek's option is pocket change. In 'Dirty Water', 'Tek had a prominent role in the opening chapters, while the book mentioned 'honoring the brand.' Having 'Tek finish his career in a Sox uni is the right thing to do, if 'Tek is still wanting to play. (Remember when 'Tek blew out his knee the day after the trading deadline? The team fell apart starting that day.) Not picking it is kin to the low-ball offer that the Steinbrenner's offered Torre. 'Tek's value to this team over the years is most definitely worth the $2m, whether he is the starter or the back-up. Martinez has proven that he can handle Wake's knuckleball.

Theo- do the right thing, honor the brand.

Fenway West 11.09.09

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