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Friday, November 27, 2009

Sonoma County really is the Western Home to Red Sox Nation!

A little quick history- I am a member of the San Francisco Red Sox Meet-up group, but since this group was always meeting in San Francisco, a good 35 miles from where I used to live, and about 70 miles from where I now live, I started up this little yahoo discussion group to try and find other Sox fans north of the Golden Gate Bridge. I had been living in Marin County, but always had my eye on moving furthur north to Sonoma County, hence the name Red Sox Sonoma. I finally made that move this summer, and quite coincidentally, found myself living about 5 miles away from Mr. Fenway West himself, Matt O’Donnell. It was through this little yahoo group that I met Matt. With a new server hosting FenwayWest.com, I decided to change my profile name from Red Sox Sonoma to Sonoma Dave, as having Red Sox in my name on a Red Sox blog seemed redundant. I try to write my own pieces most of the time, but on occasion I sometimes post links to other previously written articles and add my own perspective and comments about it. I have a blog with just my posts from Fenway West, as well as my posts from the Ken Rosenthal Watch blog. On rare occasion I do post blog entries to my Red Sox Sonoma blog that do not appear on FW or KRW.

During the move to Sonoma County last summer, several times I passed the Sequoia Drive-In Restaurant that proclaims it serves ‘Boston’s Best Clam Chowda.’

(Coincidentally, I had the good fortune to spend a summer in Sequoia National Park working for the National Park Service many years ago.) I finally checked it out last week, and not only does the little clam shack have ‘Boston’s Best Clam Chowda,’ the owner, Bruce Monaghan, is a Braintree native and former proprietor of The Mug & Muffin. He relocated to the left coast about 6 years and purchased Sequoia Drive-In about 3 years ago. Once inside the tiny confines you realize that he is also a huge Red Sox fan. Red Sox memorabilia and photos of Fenway bombard you as you walk in the door! He even sponsors Little League teams with the name Red Sox. Turn ‘em into Sox fans early, I say! It really feels like one of those little seaside clam shacks that board up for the winter. You walk in and place your order at one window, and then take in all the Red Sox goodness while you’re waiting for your order. Once your order is ready, there are several picnic tables for you to chow down on; a couple out front, and a few more under the covered patio in the back.

It’s always good to have Red Sox fans as your friends and neighbors for watching the Sox on the tube, whether at home or at a sports bar, or dining at a clam shack that also has burgers and fries voted best in Sonoma County by The Bohemian, the local free weekly newspaper, so if there are any Sox fans reading this who are near West Sonoma County, let us know!

As I am writing about another CA Red Sox establishment, I want to remind our local readers about the best Red Sox bar in San Francisco, The Connecticut Yankee. (Yes, odd name for a Red Sox bar, but there is an explanation in the first of those two links.)

Sequoia Drive In 1382 Gravenstein Hwy S Sebastopol, CA 95472

Now if we could only get a wide screen TV in the back for next year to watch Sox games! The only other back east comestibles and libations we could use would be some Green Monsta Ale and Fenway Franks for the games!

Fenway West 11.23.09

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