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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Even CBS says the Red Sox are the "Team of the Decade"

The once-every-nine-or-ten year discussion of "The Team of the Decade" is upon us again. Yankee fans will claim there bookend WS titles, most division titles, most AL Pennants, most wins, etc., justify their claim to this title. (Let's not forget most money spent on payroll.) Chicago White Sox fans will claim that their team should be that team as they had a longer drought than the Red Sox.

Danny Knobler, senior writer with CBSSports.com makes a strong case for the Red Sox being the "Team of the Decade." Depending upon the definition of 'decade' you prefer to adopt, the Yankees have not bookended this decade, but their WS titles have become so commonplace over the years, that these last two titles are just two more titles, nothing more. While Chicago did endure a longer WS drought than Boston, that team only won one WS in this time frame.

The Boston Red Sox, however, not only won two WS titles without having to resort to a debate of the definition of 'decade', their WS drought was only 2 years less than the White Sox. The Red Sox WS titles of 2004 and 2007 will be remembered in higher regard for the record breaking, nearly impossible comeback in the 2004 ALCS, and for sweeping both NL opponents for an 8-0 W-L WS record. And if you are of the opinion that the decade is not over yet, it appears that the Red Sox are winning WS titles once every three years these days.

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