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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Well, that book, Odd Man Out, *was* funny, however...

… it may not be 100% accurate. Author Matt McCarthy of “Odd Man Out” has been called out by several of the players, coaches, and manager appearing in the book saying that the book is nowhere near truthful. Several major periodicals and sports news outlets have published articles about the veracity of his book. After Sports Illustrated printed an excerpt from the book, Benjamin Hill and Alan Schwarz of the NY Times conducted extensive research by digging up old box scores and other relevant info as discussed in the book and concluded thatmuch of what McCarthy wrote was indeed less than accurate and truthful. Other major periodicals, including the Chicago Tribune, and the LA Times, as well as the LA Angels blog, FutureAngels.com have lined up behind the NY Times disputing much of what McCarthy wrote.
USA Today was one of the first major periodicals who interviewed him about the time the book was published. The Orange County Register checked in on him, too. Now that the book has been out for several months, McCarthy’s accounts of many incidents he wrote of during his tenure with the Provo (UT) Angels have been called into question. NECN.com sports interviewed him giving him opportunity to defend himself. In the following video, McCarthy speaks with Mike Nikitas of NECN, and declares himself “a proud member of Red Sox Nation,” after he defends himself and his book.
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The book was funny, no doubt, as I mentioned in my review of the book, but I was just beginning to read it a second time when I started hearing rumblings about the book. It took the fun right out of reading it again.
(If the video doesn't load, click here.)

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