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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ooooh, did I hit a nerve with Yankee fans, or what?

Apparently, my last post touched a nerve with Yankee fans who read Red Sox blogs. There are a few items to address resulting from that post.

Red Sox bloggers who write about the Yankees: Several commenters called me out for writing about the Yankees. First of all, What are Yankee fans doing reading Red Sox blogs? That argument works both ways. As to me writing about the Yankees? There are probably a bazillion posts about the Red Sox on Yankee blogs. Puh-leeze, “envy the Yankees”, gimme a break. Secondly, one can’t talk or write very much about the Red Sox without the Yankees invariably getting mentioned sooner rather than later.

Blown saves: Yankee fans are quick to point out Papelbon’s blown save in the 2009 ALCS. Those were the first runs scored upon Papelbon in 26 innings of post-season relief. He was due for one. He is, after all, just like the rest of us, and just like the Yankees, human. Mo could almost be considered the Red Sox MVP of the 2004 ALCS.

Steroids: A lot of Yankee fans are so quick to point out that Ortiz and Ramirez made it on to ‘The List’ and scream “STEROIDS! TAINTED!” every chance they get. Look at the fire hydrant piss on the dog. Do I have to rattle off the 22 names?

Yankees on Steroids

From the Mitchell report: Yankees on steroids include Giambi, Sheffield, Clemens, Pettitte, Mo and A-Rod; 22 Yankees in all
Also: Kevin Brown, Chuck Knoblauch, David Justice, Mike Stanton, Ron Villone and Jerry Hairston Jr.

From the Mitchell report: Red Sox on steroids include Ramirez, Vaughn (previous decade), and Ortiz, (who bought an OTC supplement.)


Decade and Millennia: There was no year ‘Zero.’ The internationally accepted Gregorian Calendar starts with the year ‘One.’ Years numbers 1 through 10 make up the first decade. Years 1-100 make up the first century. Years 1-1000 make up the first millennia, and so forth. The tables below show which years belong in which decade.

The ‘sixties’, or the ‘eighties’ did comprise ten years and make a decade, but OK, for now I’ll go with you and declare the decade is over. Since most of the focus is on the number of World Series titles won in the last decade, we’ll start there.

Number of WS titles won by NYY & BOS: Yankees WS = 2, Red Sox WS = 2 The Yankees have no advantage here.
W-L records of WS games played: Yankees WS W-L record = 8-3, Red Sox WS W-L record = 8-0 Advantage Red Sox
$$$ spent by each team, total of all ten years: Red Sox = $1,168,264,423 Yankees = $1,671,237,457
Clearly, the Red Sox have been the more economical team.
Now let’s fast forward to 25 years from now: Which team will be remembered for their glory the most? I can already hear the conversations: Oh, yeah. That was the decade the Red Sox finally broke that curse. And to think that they were down 3 games to none to the Yankees, down to their last inning and about to be eliminated when they came back to win that game and the next three! No team had ever done that! And then they swept the Cardinals! And then they won again in 2007! Another sweep! Oh yeah, the Yankees. Whatever did happen to them? Did they win any World Series that decade? Let me go log on and look it up. Let me see… Red Sox and Yankees… says here the Sox beat the Yankees 17-1 twice in the same year… that’s not what I’m looking for… Jason Varitek caught his 4th no-hitter... and the Sox hit 4 home runs in a row against the Yankees… interesting, Josh Beckett beat them in the 2001 World Series and again in the 2007 ALDS, that’s not it, either… wait a minute… ok, here it is, they won one in 2000 and another in 2009.
Other than Yankee blogs and NY media outlets, who is proclaiming that the Yankees are the Team of the Decade: ESPN, located in Connecticut, not far at all from New York.

Are you sure you want the decade declared over? It’s obvious that 2004 is still in your heads. If winning a 27th WS in your new stadium didn’t erase the pain of 2004, nothing ever will. I didn’t even say anything downright nasty in the original post, yet the anger still spews. You guys really should get some therapy and let it go. Did someone shove a broom stick up your ass with 2004 etched into it? (OK, now that was nasty.)

I have said more than once, “Not all Yankee fans are scum.” But apparently, the ones who are like to congregate around here.


Anonymous said...

Baaaahahahahahahahaaaa... Wow you son are so, so freaking Yankee envious ! As for the Decade 2000-2009... World Series: Yankees 2, Red Sox 2... American League Championships: Yankees, 4 Red Sox 2... AL East Titles: Yankees 8, Red Sox 1... Head 2 Head : Yankees... Best W/L record MLB for the decade: Yankees... Helloooooooo Skippy... LMFAO !

Red Sox Sonoma said...

As I wrote in the post, Not all Yankee fans are scum. But apparently, the ones who are like to congregate around here.