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Monday, January 11, 2010

Yankee Crybabies- Team of the Decade

Apparently, winning another World Series isn’t enough for Yankee fans. They’re all crying and crying and crying like a gaggle of newborn babies with loads in their diapers about the Yankees not being named the MLB ‘Team of the Decade.’

Funny, though, none of them are acknowledging that the decade, and not just any ten year period, isn’t over yet. That the Red Sox could conceivably win a 3rd WS title in the decade 2001-2010 may be causing them to declare that the decade is over, perhaps? When the Yankees do not win the next WS, they will end the decade with only one WS title, and the Sox, at least two. Yes, I read all the statistics about number of division titles, number of wins, number of pennants, yadda. However, The title of ‘Team of the Decade’ cannot be determined in the same manner as a batting average, or earned run average. After factoring in the subjective aspects of the teams that could be considered ‘Team of the Decade’, the Sox are indeed that team. The Red Sox made a nearly impossible return from the brink of elimination in 2004, against who? The Yankees. No team in professional baseball had ever fallen into a 0-3 hole in a best of seven playoff series and come back to win a league championship. Magnifying this achievement ten-fold is the fact that the Sox were down to their last inning, when Dave Roberts stole that base. I think it was Kevin Millar who said, “Don’t let us win game 4,” in that snarky, humorous manner he can assume. Let's not forget that remark came after the Yanks had just thumped the Sox to the tune of a lopsided 19-8 score. Any other team would not have bothered to show up to the park for the next game, but not the Sox. There is no discussion at all about the Sox winning two World Series’ in the decade. There is no question of the Red Sox winning two WS titles in the ten year span beginning in 2000 and ending in 2009. There is a very real possibility that the Sox could win a 3rd title in the decade starting in 2001 and ending in 2010, but even if the Yankees did win another WS next year, they would still only have won two WS titles in the decade of 2001-2010.

OK Yankee fans, if you are so sure of the Yanks superiority, why don’t you wait until the decade is over to declare that team to be ‘The Team of the Decade’, not just any ten year span. But by then, the Red Sox may have just won their 3rd WS title of the decade. But if you can't wait 'til next year, you can click here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, or here, to see who is proclaiming the Red Sox as 'Team of the Decade,' which includes CBS Sports and MLB Network. And no, none of those links lead you to Red Sox blogs or Boston media outlets.

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