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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'm gonna be in the movies!

Back at the beginning of this month I saw this post in a San Francisco music discussion group that I am a member of:

The `Moneyball' movie needs extras sitting in the stands! Filming in late July at the Oakland Coliseum. Some filming takes place overnight.

Brad Pitt plays Oakland GM Billy Beane
Philip Seymour Hoffman plays manager Art Howe
Jonah Hill plays assistant GM Paul DePodesta

Details here:

I'll root for the A's until they play the Sox, so as I have the time these days, I could not resist responding to the casting call. I'll be sitting in the stands when the movie comes out as they wrote me back and said come on down! Next Wednesday, I'll be getting there early and hoping they zoom in on me in one of the scenes. I'm already collecting A's gear to wear from friends. (You didn't think I owned any A's schwag, now did you?)

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