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Saturday, July 31, 2010

A-Rod in the news again

From ESPN: Former Texas Rangers and current New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez filed an objection to the Rangers' bankruptcy plan Wednesday over concerns about whether he would receive the $24.9 million he's owed in deferred compensation.

In response to the ESPN column, Yankee fan 'Zach' commented the following on the Baseball-Reference.com blog:

I am a Yankees Fan, and I think A-Fraud should not be paid anything, he cheated, and it should be him owing the Rangers, Mariners, and Yankees for cheating. His should be banned from the game, and all stats and records should be wiped out. That goes for all players who test positive for PEDs. I don't care what team your on or who you are, if you cheat, you shouldn't be allowed to play, shouldn't be allowed into the Hall of Fame, and should have all stats and records wiped out as if they never happened. He should have to get a pay-cut after testing positive. As a DieHard Yankee Fan, even I want him out, whenever he gets a hit, RBI, or Home Run I always wish it was someone else, even if I never heard of them before. His 600th HR means nothing to me, I wont celebrate it, If I caught his 600th HR ball, I would write "Cheater's Never Win, Neither Will You" In permanent marker and make sure he gets that ball. I would rather have a bad but clean 3rd baseman, than a "good" but juiced 3rd baseman. A-Fraud is a greedy idiot, I celebrate getting $50, and he is whining about $24,000,000 when he is going to make triple that in 2 years. Why not donate that money to starving kids in Africa? Thats what I would do if I was a Major League Baseball Player. They need it a lot more than I do.

Perhaps A-Rod is worried that he won't be able to afford Toronto strippers anymore, or having the finances to court and woo celebrity divas such as Madonna?

Fenway West 07.31.10

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