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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bumgarner (who?) shuts down Rangers, Giants up 3-1

Madison Bumgarner wasn't even old enough to buy a beer when he made his first Major League appearance on June 26th, coincidentally against the Red Sox. He turned 21 on August 1st, and has become the 4th youngest rookie to win a World Series game, as the Giants opened up the Series lead winning their 3rd game against 1 loss to the Rangers. Bumgarner seemed to have no idea that he was supposed to be a nervous wreck in a game of this importance. This is magnified by the fact that his battery mate Buster Posey is only 23 years old. Bumgarner was totally in command as he threw 106 pitches over 8 innings, allowing only 3 hits and 2 walks, while striking out 6 Rangers. Bumgarner almost denied 2nd base all night to the Rangers. If not for Juan Uribe's bobbled ground ball in the 7th inning, the Rangers would have not landed a runner on 2nd base.

Posey and Bumgarner make up the 1st all-rookie World Series battery since Yogi Berra and Spec Shea in the 1st game of the 1947 World Series. Aubrey Huff and Posey both homered to lead the offense. The Rangers had been shutout only 5 times in the 2010 regular season, and have now been shut out twice in a little over 36 hours by the Giants. The Series continues tomorrow with a rematch of aces- Cliff Lee of the Rangers and Tim Lincecum of the Giants. Lincecum said he's feeling calmer now that he's got 1 World Series game and win in the books. He did win game #1, but it wasn't his best performance. He'll have to be on top of his game tomorrow, as you just know Cliff Lee will make adjustments and will not implode the way he did in the Series opener. In that game, the Giants chased him out of the game before the 5th inning was over.

Giants.com replay and videos

Giants 4 Rangers 0 BOX SCORE

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