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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Red Sox box score from the past (07.24.04)

It's the off-season and most of the posts in bloggerland from the major media outlets to the smallest of blogs seem to be focused on what Theo 'might' do this winter. In a break from speculation, I offer something that 'did happen', as opposed to what 'might happen.'

In my post about catcher's being rated first on their offensive skills and Jason Varitek's possibility of making into the Hall of Fame, I included a photo that every Red Sox fan will recognize- 'Tek feeding A-Rod a leather sandwhich in 2004. That is the game that turned the Red Sox season around and led to them making the playoffs that historic year.

So I will start off with the box score from July 24th, 2004.

Click on box score to make larger

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