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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Lees, Rangers CEO and Yankee fans

I don’t remember where exactly I read this, but it appears that that the Rangers CEO and Cliff Lee’s wife share a common bond- their dislike of Yankee fans.

Not as outspoken as his late father George was during his 37 years in control of the Yankees, Steinbrenner was moved to the airwaves in response to comments made Monday by Rangers CEO Chuck Greenberg. Greenberg said in a Dallas radio interview that "Yankees fans, frankly, were awful" during the ALCS games at Yankee Stadium, a remark he later apologized for by saying he had "unfairly and inaccurately disparaged" Yankees fans. The Yankees learned of Greenberg's comments during their meetings, and Steinbrenner said the team informed Major League Baseball that they intended to aggressively respond but agreed to wait a day in deference to the World Series. Steinbrenner said that he spoke with Greenberg later on Monday and believed his tone of apology to be sincere. "He absolutely would be the first one to admit that they were stupid comments and inappropriate," Steinbrenner told 1050 ESPN. "He very much wanted to give a sincere apology. I said, 'That's good that you're apologizing to us, but you need to apologize to our fans. They're the ones you've wronged here.' And he did in that statement."

ESPN also had a post about Greenberg and Yankee fans.

Lee’s wife was reportedly not happy with the behavior of Yankees fans, who threw taunted her, spit at her and threw beer at her.

If you put all that together with the fact that Arlington, TX is only 40 minutes from the Lee’s home in Arkansas, my guess is that Lee will be staying put in Texas.

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