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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Brian Cashman: The Boston Red Sox are a better team

New York Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman made an appearance at the Hard Rock Cafe in New York this morning and made several interesting comments to WFAN's Mike Francesca. A Yankee fan asked if Derek Jeter would remain at shortstop for the duration of his 4 year contract, to which Cashman responded that

"[I would] be surprised [if Jeter stays there for the duration], but that doesn't mean it's not possible. I like corner outfielders and corner infielders who have power, so for me, if he's ever gonna move, it's probably gonna be a Robin Yount situation. “But we don't have to deal with it at this point. We'll deal with it when we have to. There is no plan to put Jeter in that mix or to move him to third or any other position. It's not something we have to deal with right now.”
Lost in all the ado over Jeter switching positions was Cashman stating that Joba Chamberlain would not be moving back in to the rotation. Cashman's most interesting comment of the session was his response to Francesca's direct question, which team is better right now, the Red Sox or the Yankees? Cashman responded, "[The] Red Sox, but we have a better bullpen."

I'm sure that Cashman's bullpen remark will send Red Sox beat writers and bloggers everywhere scurrying to analyze both fire crews.

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