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Monday, January 31, 2011

Pujols wants 10 years and $300 million

Oh Albert, puhleeze! $300 million?! You have GOT to be shi kidding me!

Pujols and his agent Dan Lozano seem to be following pages torn from A-Rod and Jeter’s salary demands playbook, (co-authored by Scott Bora$$) Maybe he just wants to play in Da Bronx? The Yankees are about the only team who would be able to match that demand. The Cardinals may have the wherewithal to pony up that kind of money now, but a contract that size would have to be back loaded so much that it would probably tip the Brinks truck over bassackwards. Surely they will not follow the same path as the Washington Nationals did with Jayson Werth. A contract that size could cripple the Cardinals 6 or 7 years down the road!

If you stay in St. Louis making that kind of money don’t expect to be on a contending team any more. The Cardinals won’t have any room left on their payroll to pay the other 8 guys on the field with you, never mind fielding a team worthy of contention.

Albert, really, just what do you plan to do with $300 million that you couldn’t do with $100m or $200m?

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