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Friday, May 21, 2010

Now this is what I like to see when I come home

I come home late not knowing the outcome of tonight's game so I pull up RedSox.com and see that Jon Lester threw a complete game victory for the Sox. Not only was Lester a-wheelin' and a-dealin' again- 9 IP, 6 H, 9 K, 1 ER, 103-76 pitches-strikes- Victor Martinez seems to have found his bat- 3/4, 2 runs. Youk and Beltre homered. Recent call-up from Pawtucket, Angel Sanchez snagged 2 balls hit at him and turned 2 double plays with Pedey and Youk. Bummer of the box score was seeing Mike Lowell go 0/4 as Ortiz had the night off against Liriano. This makes 2 very satisfying pitching performances in a row for the Sox.

SOX 6 TWINS 2 Box Score

Fenway West 05.21.09

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