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Friday, May 21, 2010

Red Sox Nation- We Are Everywhere; plus A's & Giants game notes

I turned on the SFG @ OAK game on the local TV station after the Sox game was over. (I only have basic cable, and I mean it's really 'basic.') In the botttom of the 8th inning, the A's were leading the Giants 6-1. I had stepped away from the tube for a couple of minutes, but was still within listening distance, when I had to run back to it because I could not believe what I was hearing: "Yankees suck! Yankees suck! Yankees suck!" There was no mistake about it, it went on for about 20 or 30 seconds or so before the house PA started up with the trumpet fanfare to try and break it up! It almost started up again after the fanfare had ended. I started thinking about all the Sox fans that must be there, but then I recalled an A's shirt I saw last year at a SOX @ OAK game:
F&@# the Angels
F&@# the Rangers
F&@# the Mariners
F&@# the Red Sox
F&@# the Yankees
Maybe the A's fans don't care for them either? It was interesting and fun to hear it coming from other team's fans.

More interesting items from this game include A's announcer Ray Fosse working with his Giant's counterpart, Jon Miller, and seeing our old friend Coco Crisp going 2/3 with 2 RBI's in his first appearance of the season. (Maybe he can beat the crap out of some of the Ray's- JK!!!) Giant's starting pitcher Barry Zito finally has a season worthy of his paycheck, but this was only his 2nd loss of the year.

The post game show featured an interview with Crisp who was just gushing over his performance in his first game of the season and how much fun it is to be playing in front of a big crowd. I don't think he realized though, that most of those fans in Oakland Stadium tonight were Giant's fans. Last week when Dallas Braden threw his perfect game for the A's, there were barely 12k fans ther to watch that historic feat!

And speaking of Braden, it was Dallas Braden night at Oakland. His grandmother came out to toss the first pitch and it was revealed that she sports a '209' tattoo like her grandson. (The '209' refers to the area code of his hometown. As for his grandmother's tattoo, a little TMI. Y'think?)

We'll see what A-Rod has to say about Braden the next time they face each other. A couple of weeks ago, A-Rod was involved in another controversy when he crossed over the pitcher's mound with Braden pitching when he went from 3B to the Yankee's dugout. One of baseball's unwritten rules is that the mound is off limits to the opposing team. A-Rod dismissed Braden's outburst with a comment about some guy with a handful of MLB wins. Well A-Rod, one of those 'handfuls' of wins includes a perfect game. Whattya got to say about him now, Mr. Big Shot?
As I was writing this post, I searched for A's announcers before I posted this, and this is what I found on the Oakland A's web site:

Ray Fosse

Uh, Ray? You really should get a better photo of yourself. That 'do is pretty scary. Ted Koppel scary. Donald Trump scary!

Separated at birth, maybe?

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