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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Box score from the past (04.04.01)

They don't call him the Captain for nuthin'! Jason Varitek has caught 4 no-hitters in his career, a record among all MLB catchers past and present. On April 4th, 2001, he caught his first- Hideo Nomo v. the Baltimore Orioles. The Baltimore line-up included Melvin Mora and Cal Ripken, while Sydney Ponson was the starting pitcher for the O's.

We only have 4 Mondays left before the Season starts, so for these last 4 'Box scores from the past,' I am soliciting suggestions from our readers. If you have a favorite game you would like to see show up here, send an e-mail to r e d s o x s o n o m a ( a t ) y a h o o ( d o t ) c o m . If you don't know the exact date, just tell me as much information you have about the game and I will research it and post it here.

A-Rod says, "I love that dirty leather."

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