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Monday, March 14, 2011

Sweet Caroline?

So I was surfing the youtubes again. This time I was looking for alternative versions of 'Sweet Caroline' when I found 2 country-ish versions by The Railbenders. The oddest thing about their choice of covers is that this is a band from Denver. Yes, the same Denver, home of the 2007 wind-swept-out-of-the-World-Series Colorado Rockies. The studio version was released in 2003, but the live version was recorded a mere 4 months after the Rockies were leveled by the Red Sox. The crowd even knows the requisite sing-a-long lines of "Bahn-bahn-bahn" and "So good! So good!! So good!!!" Unclear on the concept? Blissfully unaware? All alone in the end zone? Comfortably numb? Whatever, it was still odd watching Coloradans playing and singing that song.

I really felt bad that 'Sweet Caroline' wasn't played at last year's Rock & Sox. (There's a reason for that, but it's in the past now. Musicians, yeesh.) So I decided to look for alternative versions for this year's event and this is what I found:

Which version do you like better? Are there other notable versions out there?

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