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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Buchholz tosses 3 eggs at Yanks, Sox win

Clay Buchholz tossed 3 scoreless innings against the New York Yankees in a Grapefruit League game Friday night. Shortstop prospect Jose Iglesias flashed leather as he was in on 2 double plays, and also went 2/3, drew a walk and scored a run. In desperation, the Yankees' Bureau of Reclamation picked Bartolo Colon up from the scrap heap after getting stiffed by Cliff Lee, (Yeah, go Lee!) But wait! What's this? Colon is actually pitching well? Ooh, in Colon's 2nd start of Spring Training, he threw 3 shutout innings striking out 5 Red Sox. I guess if he's pitching well, he must have lost his appetite, y'think?

Red Sox 5 Yankees 3

Click here for box score and videos of Buchholz, Iglesias and Reddick

Show me the chalupas!

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