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Monday, October 4, 2010

Burnett was lost in space

Besides having another bad day on the mound, Burnett was lost in space, or who knows where on this play when Josh Reddick hit a routine ground ball to Yankee's 1st baseman, Lance Berkman. Berkman knocked the ball down, slid, picked up the ball and threw to Burnett who was running to cover 1st base. The throw was late and allowed Nava to get to 3rd base. Burnett then turned to the umpire in disbelief that the throw was late.

Meanwhile, Nava starts heading for home. Burnett had his back turned to 3rd and home while he was addressing the umpire and his call. A-Rod is yelling trying to get Burnett's attention. Once Burnett came back to earth, he threw wide to Cervelli, allowing Nava to score, and Reddick to get to 3rd base. Nava's run drew the Sox to within 1 run at the time.

You can watch the circus side show by clicking here.

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