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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Kevin Cash on Terry Francona's job performance this year

From ESPN, Kevin Cash had this to say about Tito's job performance this year:
"Terrible. Terrible job," Cash said with a smile. "Coming into the season, with this team healthy, we would expect to be playing on Wednesday. Given the injuries this team dealt with -- not that it's an excuse or anything -- for what he got out of the players that probably there was no expectation to get some of those numbers or production out of those players, it speaks for him, just because he makes everybody comfortable."

"It's Tito's job -- once the ship starts sinking -- to make it right and make them believe they're going to be in there every day and we're going to need them to produce," said Cash. "The calmness Tito brings every day, a lot of managers would be in that office with the door shut pulling out their hair. Well, he doesn't have any hair, but the way he acts relaxes the club enough to go out and play. He's awesome."

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