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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Go Giants! Former Sox in the NLDS, Cox retires, and Youk’s beard has a rival

I’ve been a Red Sox fan from at least 1967, but for some strange reason, one that I’ve never discovered; my NL team was the San Francisco Giants. Fast forward 40+ years and I find myself living in Giants country. And my 1st game ever was at old Forbes Field in Pittsburgh. Go figure.

Anyhow, they beat the Atlanta Braves today, eliminating them from the playoffs, along with their giant of a manager, Bobby Cox. Cox is retiring after this season, with 2,504 wins, and winning 1 of 5 trips to the World Series. After the game was over, Cox came back out of the dugout to tip his hat to the fans. The Giants players also came out of the visitor’s dugout to add to the ovation. Cox’s win total places him 4th on the all time managers most managers list.

The Giants will be playing the Phillies in the NLCS with Roy Halladay taking the hill for the Phillies. Halladay pitched a no hitter in his 1st ever post-season game and also tossed a perfect game this season as well. 2 time NL Cy Young Award winner Tim Lincecum will pitch for the Giants. This game has potential to be one of the greatest post-season pitcher’s duels ever.

Playing in the game tonight were several familiar names. I posted earlier this season about Edgar Rentaria, Javier Lopez and Ramon Ramirez playing for the Giants this year. Taking a look at the Brave’s roster, we see Alex Gonzalez, Eric Hinske, and Derek Lowe. The usual defensive minded Gonzalez committed a crucial error allowing the tying run to score tonight.

Derek Lowe was spinning a gem into the 6th inning. In the 7th inning, he recorded one out before issuing a walk and a single, prompting Cox to go to his bullpen. Lowe somehow managed to talk Cox into letting him remain in the game. Lowe loaded the bases with a 5 pitch walk, but this time there would be no convincing Cox to stay in the game. Reverse Grady Little Syndrome? Lowe lost both of the NLDS games, yet still managed to finish with a 2.31 ERA in this series.

But the last player on that list, Eric Hinske, has been to the post-season playoffs with 4 different teams- Red Sox, Rays, Yankees, and now the Braves. Trade Papelbon for the good luck charm? The Braves will need a closer, maybe Theo can raid their farm, too? (Don’t mind me, I’m just ramblin'.)

Brian Wilson (not the Beach Boy) is the closer for the Giants. His recent face bush rivals that of our own Kevin Youkilis and his ‘Beard of Truth.’ I don’t recall if he had it when I went to see the Cubs @ Giants game back in August. (Then again it was Jerry Garcia night and I was sitting in the Deadhead section. I don’t remember, so I must’ve been there. That reminds me, I’m overdue on a post about that night. I’m getting confused, so I’m just gonna let the music play.)

I’ll let you decide.

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