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Monday, October 4, 2010

Oh my achin' back!

No Red Sox game on tube here... yard work... Yanks at Sox on Game Day... Padres at Giants on Fox (Fox, ugh)... Sox up 2-0! Yay!... Zito walks in 2 runs... (grumble, grumble)... yard work (cont.)... Uh-oh, 5-3 Yanks... Damn! Padres 4, Giants 0... more yard work... Must post recap... back hurts... must post line-up... Red Sox AND Giants, my NL team since late '60's, but my AL and MLB team is and always be Red Sox... both lose... water... water... Yanks take game 1 in of double header 10 innings... water...

Sox 5 Yankees 6 BOX SCORE

Oh no, already Dice-K gives up a run... but Burnett (garbage) gives 1 right back!

Game 2 Red Sox line-up
Patterson, E- 2B:
Lopez, F- 3B
Drew, JD- DH
Anderson, L- 1B
Kalish, R- CF
Nava, D- LF
Reddick, J- RF
Navarro, Y- SS
Cash, K- C

Matsuzaka, D- SP

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