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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bored and need something to do during the off-season?

Ball Park Bob compiled a list of the 50 best baseball movies of all time:

1. Field of Dreams
2. Bull Durham
3. A League of Their Own
4. The Natural
5. Bad News Bears
6. Major League
7. Summer Catch
8. Eight Men Out
9. The Rookie
10. For the Love of the Game
11. The Babe
12. Baseball: A Film by KenBurns
13. 61*
14. Cobb
15. Life and Times of Hank Greenberg
16. The Sandlot
17. Fever Pitch
18. Bang the Drum Slowly
19. Hustle
20. Angels in the Outfield
21. The Pride of the Yankees
22. When it Was a Game
23. Mr. Baseball
24. The Bronx is Burning
25. Bingo Long’s Traveling All Stars & Motor King
26. The Jackie Robinson Story
27. The Fan
28. Mr. 3000
29. The Babe Ruth Story
30. Fear Strikes Out
31. Damn Yankees
32. Stealing Home
33. Hardball
34. The Final Season
35. Benchwarmers
36. Little Big League
37. The Scout
38. Rookie of the Year
39. Still We Believe: The Boston Red Sox Movie
40. Don’t Look Back: The Life of Satchel Paige
41. Pride and Prejudice
42. Tiger Town
43. Talent for the Game
44. Soul of the Game
45. A Winner Never Quits
46. Air Bud: Seventh Inning Fetch
47. Pitcher and the Pinup
48. Little Big League
49. Headin’ Home
50. Ed

Due out in 2011 is Moneyball. My guess is that this movie will break into the top 20 of most baseball fans.

There is also a movie being planned for Edward Achorn's book "Fifty-nine in '84.

Bull Durham

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