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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Kevin Millar has a scary proposition for LF- Johnny Damon

Former 2004 Red Sox Cowboy and Idiot Kevin Millar, now current MLB Network analyst, was asked if the Red Sox need to go after Carl Crawford. He immediately discounted that Crawford is a necessity for the Red Sox, and then goes right on to suggest that Johnny Damon would be a great fit.


Would Red Sox fans welcome him back? And what number would he wear? (Number 18 now belongs to Dice-K.) Would he grow his hair back and get rid of that ridiculous mohawk?

Millar states definitively that Damon would return to the Red Sox, and that they could get him at a discount. How ironic that would be for Damon, considering that he zoomed right on over to the Yankees the minute ol' King George unzipped his wallet. Damon now says that he turned down the possibility to play for the Red Sox last year because he thought that the Red Sox were not going to make it to the playoffs and he didn't want to move his family to play for a team that was not in contention. Last year he said he turned down the Red Sox last year because he wanted to help the Tigers reach the playoffs despite being 12 games out.

Well, I guess what goes around comes around.

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