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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Start 'em out young I always say

Well, no, I don't really always say that, but it'll do for this post.

Earlier this month, I had the luxury of taking my 2nd trip of 2010 to RI. I was on my way to my nephew's wedding in Marblehead. One of my niece's from TN came up with her family in tow. East Tennessee sports fans tend to be UT football fans, and I think there's a pro football team in Tennessee these days. (After following the Sox and MLB hard for 6 months, I give sports a break for a bit, except for an occasional Fenway West post.) The nearest MLB team would be the Atlanta Braves, a club which started out as the Boston Braves, (where Babe Ruth ended his career.)

My niece told me they were going to Boston for some sightseeing with her kids, but never mentioned Fenway Park as a destination, only the museum. Imagine my surprise when I saw these 2 photos!

Like I said, start 'em out young! It was a great wedding and a great trip back east!

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