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Friday, December 10, 2010

Jeter to the Red Sox for $100 million?!

This is what landed in my inbox a short while ago:

Weekly World News (satire)

By Frank Lake NEW YORK – An anonymous donor offered Derek Jeter $100 million to ditch his new Yankee deal and join the Boston Red Sox. Jeter agreed to it. ...

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I thought, 'Huh?, WT?... (I missed 'satire' the 1st time around.) As soon as I started reading it though, I realized it had an Onion-esque tone to it, and a few seconds later, I knew it was satire and not true, but it is kind of funny considering how the media blew up over the Jeter-signing-with-the-Red-Sox brouhaha the past week or so. It was pretty funny reading some of those posts from all sorts of baseball news outlets trying to get one up on another.

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