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Saturday, September 11, 2010


How many Sox fans thought that after last night's thrashing of the Rays the Sox would take off on a highly improbable and historic run for the wild card spot, or even a run for the division? Raise your hands. As bad as it was for the Rays last night, it was that much worse for the Sox tonight as the Rays turned the table and thumped the Sox right back to the tune of a demoralizing (once again) 14-5 loss. The loss put the Sox 9 GB the Yankees, and 7.5 GB the Rays for the wild card spot, but they are also behind the White Sox in that race.

Dice-K is getting pretty good at apologizing: 
"I knew very well that this was a critical game as far as our chances of advancing to the playoffs," Matsuzaka said through interpreter Masa Hoshino. "So to allow what happened to happen so early in the game, I can really only apologize to my teammates and my fans."
 Yo, Dice-K! Apologizing doesn't get you into the playoffs! ( 謝罪はプレーオフにあなたを取得しません!)

Just when you think the Sox are about to take off on that incredible winning streak that we're all hoping and waiting for, they do indeed go belly up. The Sox will be 6' under very soon. Buchholz will not be making that start tomorrow on 3 days rest that had been discussed. Tim Wakefield will make the start instead. Will this be his last start ever for him at Fenway? I for one, certainly hope not. Knuckleballers last well into their 40's, he's a bargain, and can eat up innings giving the bullpen rest. (That 'R' word- retirement- has been showing up here and their in various blogs and mainstream media articles lately in association with Wake.) Even Bill Lee is still pitching professionally at 63 years of age!

Two lonely bright spots for the night go to Coello and Bowden. Coello, if you recall, made his major league debut last night and promptly got pounded for 3 hits, 2 walks, 3 runs, and only registered 1 out. He was back on the mound on mop up duty and pitched a 1-2-3 9th inning. Michael Bowden has been called up for the 3rd time this season and pitched 2 solid innings before Coello, and only gave up 1 walk.

Sox 5 Rays 14 BOX SCORE

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