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Monday, August 9, 2010

Red Sox take Round 4 on Jon Lester's pitching

Jon Lester finally won a game since the break, not that he had been pitching all that badly, though. He silenced the Yankee bats through for 4 innings when they finally got a hit. He allowed only 4 hits in 6.1 innings. He left the game with the bases loadedd, but Daniel Bard came in to the game and struck out Jeter and Swisher on 6 pitches, all 98+ mph. Papelbon got a 4 out save, his 28th save of the season.

Jacoby Ellsbury ended his hitless spell, going 1/2, but his prescence on the basepaths was definitely felt by the Yankees, as he picked their pockets 4 times today. Not much else in the way of offense for the Sox today, but in the end, all that mattered was the win.

The Sox remain 6 GB the Yankees, and currently are 4 GB the Rays who play Detroit tonight.

Sox 2 Yankees 1 BOX SCORE

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