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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Shaughnessy throws Ellsbury under a bus

He starts with, "It’s impossible and unfair to measure another man’s pain," yet that's precisely what he tries to do.

But the situation with the Red Sox and Ellsbury has become absurd.

It was not unlike that July night in 2004 when Nomar Garciaparra sat and stewed while Derek Jeter dived into the stands and the Yankees beat the Red Sox in extra innings. That was the night it was clear the Sox had to trade Nomar and that’s the way it feels with Ellsbury now.

This standoff of 2010 is at critical mass... but the organization and Ellsbury’s teammates simply have to be fed up.

[Francona] bristles at any suggestion that he is unhappy with any of his players.

The manager doesn’t like us putting words in his mouth so we won’t do that here. You make the judgment.

Many fans and folks in the Sox organization are disgusted by how this has unfolded. Fair or unfair, there’s a perception that Ellsbury won’t play hurt and that he’s punishing the club for moving him from center to left, and for misdiagnosing his injuries in April. I spoke to his agent about this last week and Scott Boras denied it...

There is damage being done and it will be hard to repair.

[When asked (not by Shaughnessy),] “Jacoby, when are you gonna play?’’ “I don’t know,’’ said Ellsbury. “I hope soon.’’

He asks us to make the judgement, so I will throw in my $0.02: This is not sports journalism, this is pure garbage. He does nothing but stir up what's at the bottom of the outhouse. The "damage done" has been by Shaughnessy himself when he writes opinions like this. Ellsbury hopes to play soon, yet he throws all the blame on Ellsbury.

Impossible to measure another man's pain? He sure goes out of his way to make an attempt. Fans and Sox organization disgusted? Disgusted with Shaughnessy. The damage done? By Shaughnessy. Mr. CHB has just inflicted more pain upon Ellsbury.

Fenway West 08.03.10

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